Tony’s Story

The Story You Don’t Know

A local cable company told him that it would take at least $15,000 to produce a limited local access program, so he started a company cleaning health clubs to raise the necessary capital. This show became a hit. Finally, in 1987, Tony met the President and Founder of Home Shopping Network, and they struck a deal. If Tony could sell 400 of his videos in four airings, then they could work together on other projects. It worked; Tony sold all 400 videos in four minutes! His success was due to the fact that he was the first person to spend the majority of the time on his video discussing motivational exercise technique along with muscle group information. Solid, sound advice became his trademark.

This opportunity catapulted his career to new heights. He had proven to himself that he had the knowledge of a personal training style that people were craving. Tony continued his quest to get America back in shape. In a very short time at HSN™ he broke nearly every record they ever had for personal training videos and equipment. People were now starting to know who Tony Little was, his passion for personal training, and more importantly, his passion for people. While still working with HSN™ Tony decided to try and reach a larger audience by doing infomercials. In 1993, he had record-breaking infomercials in the United States and Europe. Tony then decided to team up with another major shopping network, QVC™, and like his time at HSN™, it didn’t take long for him to start breaking records. Tony’s life had become everything he had ever wanted professionally. He had numerous record-breaking sales for his videos, exercise equipment, he had number one infomercials in several countries, plenty of awards, and of course, what got him into all of this in the first place; he was helping people change their bodies and minds worldwide.

Life couldn’t have been better for the blond haired, lean, mean, energized, personal training machine, however, in 1996, life threw Tony another curve. Yet again, he was involved in another life threatening car accident. His face was severely damaged, especially the left side. He had stitches down the left side of his nose and nostril, underneath his nose, down his lip, under his left eye, and several places on his cheek and jaw. He required more than 180 stitches and this accident again took out two more low back discs now effecting 4 out of his 5 low back supporting discs. Needless to say, Tony was worried about his well being and his career. Some people would have thrown in the towel after everything Tony had endured, but he just used this obstacle as another way to give himself the motivation to do what God had intended him to do: help people get in shape. In 1998, on New Year’s Eve night, Tony blasted through the record books. He sold over 200 tractor-trailer truckloads of his Gold Gazelle Glider™ on QVC™. That’s amazing! Next Page »