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Nokuthula Dlamini

Nokuthula Dlamini, South Africa

Success: Thank u Tony and God bless you.

I'm 39 years old mother of 1 from SA. While I was in my teen years I used to do workout following Tony

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Tamara, Texas!

Success: Sharing my story of success

Tony, I thank you so much for your inspiration. You have helped change my life and the way I look at food.

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Sandra, South Burlington, Vermont

Success: Weight loss of 35 pounds.

Six years ago I began gazelling; today my weight is usually about 30 to 35 pounds less than I used to be before I had a Gazelle and I've an over-all pleasant feeling about my health. I can walk and look forward to jogging this year.

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Tracey-Lynne, Ottawa, Canada

Success: Jan. 2007 thru Summer 2009 Lost from Size 22 to 14 dress and Jeans 42 inch down to 33 inch.

For several years I was unhappy with my weight and,as a result, suffered form low self-esteem. I made the decision to take control of my life and make some much-needed changes. Thanks to Tony and my "Free-style Crosstrainer Gazelle, I have been a success.

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Brian, Georgia

Success: Lost 50 pounds.

Everyone has noticed my weight loss. I get comments about it everyday.

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Marianne, Ontario, Canada

Success: Lost more than 160 pounds and 39 Inches off bust, waist and hips.

Tony has really been an inspiration to so many of us. My goal is to inspire others and help them to feel better about the way they feel about their appearance.

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Judy, Kansas

Success: Lost 17 pounds and at least 12 inches.

Thank you for convincing me to buy the Gazelle. It has really made a change in my life I love getting on it and rarely miss a day.

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Rosy, Canada

Success: Reaching my goal lost 150 pounds in a year.

November, 2007 I took on a personal challenge and it was to loose 150 pounds of weight and have a basic complete body transformation.

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Susan, New York

Success: Lost 47 pounds and 32 inches in less than a year.

The Gazelle Sprint Master has been there for me every day, every month for almost a year now.

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Joy, North Carolina

Success: Lost 25 pounds.

Using my Sprintmaster made the loss of twenty-five pounds easy and now I continue to loose.

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Wanda, Texas

Success: Lost 30 pounds.

Since beginning to use the Sprint master, I have lost more than 30 pounds and I am continuing to loose almost a pound per week average for the last year. I've lost a lot of inches too which makes me think I've increased some muscle mass. My old clothes are too big! I love it! Thank you so much for helping me with this matter.

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Stephanie, Virginia

Success: Lost 24 pounds.

I feel the need to share my Gazelle Freestyle success story with everyone interested

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* These individuals lost weight by eating a low calorie diet and exercising. Results not typical. In the event that a product used in a Success Story or Testimonial is no longer available, a similar item may be substituted.