America’s Personal Trainer Tony Little to Showcase Special Human Touch® iJoy® Swivel Robotic Massage® Chair on the Home Shopping Network for the Holidays (more…)

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Bob “THE GADGETEER” Skidmore

Bob’s career includes a ten year stint with RKO General Broadcasting in NYC, and 34 years as President of Media Concepts, Inc., a pioneer in audio and video production, forensic A/V,consultant to the judiciary, equipment sales and product development. Media Concepts is located in St. Petersburg, Florida. While in New York, Bob was a member of the International Motor Press Association (IMPA) and did investigative reporting on “auto safety” topics for WOR’s Barry Farber Show. In the early eighties Bob broadcast a weekly gadget feature entitled “Weekend 57” over WPLP talk radio in the Tampa Bay market. As a freelance journalist Bob has written for several publications including THE ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, Florida’s largest newspaper. This blog represents an ongoing series of his current and past articles. Bob has written under THE GADGETEER byline for over thirty years. These articles appear in numerous local publications world-wide. Click article to go to Bob’s blog.

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ParentDish – Tony Little: Push Your Body, Not Your Kids

Tony Little: Push Your Body, Not Your Kids
by Mercedes Cardona
Oct 6th 2010 9:00AM

Tony Little has made it his business to push Americans to get in shape, but when it comes to his own kids, being pushy is out. (more…)

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Western Pennsylvania Hospital News

      You Can Do It!
A Spotlight on Tony Little

Issue No. 8 | 7
By Daniel Casciato

For over 20 years, we’ve all seen him somewhere on our television sets as we flipped through the channels.  You couldn’t miss his blonde curly ponytail, his infectious energy, his signature Gazelle trainer, and most especially, his voice booming the most famous catchphrase in Infomercial history: “You can do it!”  (more…)

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Everybody’s seen Tony Little; he’s that guy with the signature long blonde ponytail screaming at you to buy his Gazelle or an array of other products on the Home Shopping Network. His profound success has led him to 45 million customers and over four billion dollars in sales. He’s done Geico commercials, an ABC Nightline special and just released his book, “There’s Always A Way.”  (more…)

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